Culture Results for Transferred Patient

Can you tell me about the new standard regarding sending culture results to the facility where a patient is transferred?

In the CAMH Update, August 3, 2005, the Elements of Performance for standard IC.1.10 were updated. Standard IC.1.10 EP 5 states:

  • Hospitals have systems in place to report infection surveillance, prevention and control information to the following:
  • Appropriate staff in the hospital
  • Federal, state and local public health authorities in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Accrediting bodies
  • The referring or receiving healthcare organization when a patient is transferred or referred and the presence of a healthcare associated infection (HAI) was not known at the time of transfer or referral.

The Joint Commission further states that when a referring hospital becomes aware that a patient that was transferred has an active infection, which requires treatment to be started or changed, the referring hospital must communicate this information to the receiving hospital. Conversely if the receiving hospital identifies an infection in a patient that was not identified by the referring hospital (e.g. infected wound), the receiving hospital should communicate this omission to the referring hospital. It is hoped this information will aid the referring hospital’s performance improvement efforts. (Effective January 1, 2006)

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