JCAHO’s Position on Broselow Tape

What is the Joint Commission’s position on the use of the Broselow tape?

National Patient Safety Goal 3B requires healthcare organizations to standardize and limit the number of drug concentrations available in the organization.

Multiple concentrations of a drug are clinically necessary for neonatal and pediatric units. The drug order should contain the actual drug dose, not volume, and the dose calculation. The order should also contain the patient’s weight, dose per unit weight and rate of administration.

Healthcare organizations are no longer permitted to use the Rule of 6 to calculate patient-specific drug concentrations. The Joint Commission established a three year transition period for healthcare organizations to move to standard concentrations and not use the Rule of Six as long as the healthcare organization has submitted and received approval of a Request for Review of an Alternative Approach to the NPSG and is complying with the criteria for transitioning from the Rule of 6 to standardized concentrations. Healthcare organizations must have this transition completed by December 31, 2008.

The only issue the Joint Commission has with the Broselow tape is that one of its functions is to support a method for mixing customized (patient-specific) concentrations rather than using standardized concentrations.

Healthcare organizations may utilize the other functions of the Broselow tape.

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